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From all of us here at Team Sagana, we would like to wish you all a safe and happy holidays!1506234_10202816913528905_1949016627_o


Events | Hope For P.I. Car Show


The devastation left by Typhoon Haiyan (Typhoon Yolanda as the locals would call it) in the Philippines left many families with no homes, food, lost loved ones, or anything else. Imagine in a blink of an eye, everything you knew and love now gone. One way or another every single one of us was affected by the devastation. With the upcoming holiday season, it makes us wonder how we can help those affected by the massive typhoon. Team Sagana has teamed up with various organizations to bring you the “Hope for P.I:  Typhoon Relief Car Show”. The event will be on December 21st from 11am-4pm, at the Arena Sports Bar and Grill in Bremerton. We will be selling various merchandise during the event and 100% of all proceeds will go to help in the disaster relief. We are working with the Philippines local media network ABS-CBN’s TulongPH and Global Giving Foundation to assure the proceeds made at this event will help those affected.

The Official Facebook invite link:

Awards and prizes will given for the winners of each of the car show category. Those who would like to register for the car show, registration is only $10 to enter each category. The proceeds from the car show will go directly to the foundations we are helping support.

Trophies will be given for the following judged categories:
Best Overall (Everyone registered in the car show is automatically entered into this category)
Best Stance
Best Asian Import
Best European
Best Domestic
Loudest Car Stereo System
Crowd will decide winners via ballots (except for loudest system)

Those interested in registering please message me with the following:

You could send money through PayPal (as gift) or we can write down your name for Will Call and pay at the gate. $10 per category. PayPal is


If you would like to help out with this event or donate please contact us through this website and we will get back to you ASAP.

“Hope For Philippines” wristbands will be for sale at the event. Available in red, blue, and yellow! $2 for 1 or $5 for 3!

Enter your car for the show and you may have a chance to win one of these trophies.

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 2.37.03 PM
Available only at the Car show, a special limited edition decal will be sold at the Team Sagana Sponsor booth.

Sponsored by:

Team Sagana:
Olympic College Filipino American Student Association
California Tint:
Triple Crown Tattoo Studio:
North Course Motoring:
Fessenden AutoWorks:
Suited Culture
Global Giving

Events: AutoCon 2013

Team Sagana is live at Pacific Grand Prix in Kent for what should be one if the biggest events of the year! The team is be repped by 3 member rides. Come on down, enjoy the sun, and check out the cool rides.


News | Old School Reunion 2013 Aftermath

Another successful show in the books for Team Sagana. 2013 has so far been really good to the Team as they carefully choose which shows they will enter their cars into. The newest addition to the team is Reggie’s 1987 Toyota Corolla GTS Coupe (Trueno). Again, this show failed to disappoint since the nostalgic car scene is alive and well. Cars that we knew growing up were well represented and most seem like they just came off of the factory assembly line. It was not just Japanese nostalgic cars in the show, there was a great showing of Euro cars. What a day it was. It was an overall good time not just for Team Sagana, but also for everyone in attendance, most of which were the older generation who can relive their childhood.

For media coverage, take a look at Team Sagana’s resident photographer Jamie B. Santillan’s photo album

 photo OldSchoolReunion_2013_185.jpg
 photo OldSchoolReunion_2013_187.jpg photo OldSchoolReunion_2013_124.jpg
 photo OldSchoolReunion_2013_072.jpg
 photo OldSchoolReunion_2013_075.jpg
 photo OldSchoolReunion_2013_098.jpg
 photo OldSchoolReunion_2013_122.jpg
 photo OldSchoolReunion_2013_156.jpg
 photo OldSchoolReunion_2013_193.jpg

Events | Old School Reunion 2013

We are live right now at the 5th Annual Old School Reunion. Team Sagana is representing for the 2nd year in a row and it looks to be one of the better events for the year. Stay tuned for the aftermath coverage of the 2013 Old School Reunion in Bothell, WA.


Events | Manila Auto Salon 2012

One of Team Sagana’s members took a trip back to the birthplace of Sagana which is the Philippines. It was a great trip to help promote the Sagana name and to check out the automotive scene. Things have changed since the 2010. With the craze of the Stance styling, the Philippine people took this trend and ran with it. Still in its infancy, there is potential that this trend is here to stay in the Philippines since there is a plethora of Japanese Nostalgic Cars. Give the Philippines some time and we will start looking to the filipino people for some ideas for some properly stance’d rides. Along with the Stance’d cars, there were several full on race drift cars and some nice clean motor swaps. From lifted pickup trucks to tricked out euro cars, the show seemed to have it all. The few exceptions could be made for performance tuned cars. There were only a few performance built cars since the attention for most of the builds were geared more towards the way the car looked and a few bolt on dress up parts. Nonetheless, clean and loud seemed to be the theme for the show.

For more pics take a peek at Jamie B. Santillan’s Photography Album here.MAS_Dec_2013_004 MAS_Dec_2013_014 MAS_Dec_2013_019 MAS_Dec_2013_022 MAS_Dec_2013_037 MAS_Dec_2013_028IMG_1829

Events | Toyota Fest 2012

Back in September 2nd 2012, Team Sagana had the privilege to showcase what the team represents by showcasing 3 cars at Griots Garage for their annual PSTOC Toyota Fest Event. In 2011, the Team received honors for their cars. 2012 was no different as the Team scored 2 out of the 3 awards possible for group. Team Sagana’s youngest member took home the Best MK III Supra and then his father took home best RWD Celica. Unfortunately there were no AE86 awards handed out, 2013 will just make the team work a little bit harder to get the accolades that are very well deserved.

For more images go to Team Sagana’s resident photographer Jamie B. Santillan’s link here.

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